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Environmentally Friendly

We do our part to build “green” products into every pool. Taking steps to be friendly to the environment while building complicated construction projects has its fair share of challenges, but luckily Master Pools of Austin has the solutions to create eco-friendly swimming pools.


There are two methods of Shotcrete – there is the dry method (some call it Gunite, as it was a term that the cement gun company came up with in the early years). Now most engineers, including The Core of Engineers, use the word shotcrete, either dry or wet. Almost all of the Aquatic Engineers will not allow the use of the dry method. We only use the wet method for Shotcrete calculated by a predetermined batch design using the weights of the cement, sand and aggregates. We regularly test it to make sure it meets our qualifications of 4000 PSI.


Rebar is short for reinforcing bar and it is a steel bar that is used when concrete needs to be poured. If the concrete is to be very tall or if it is to be a support base, then it needs something that will make it stronger to keep it from crumbling. These steel bars are used in a grid form, and then the concrete is poured around them. The rebar is trapped in the concrete and it makes the material much stronger.

Steel is quite easy to recycle. This is definitely the best thing to do because if you discard them in any other manner, then you will be filling up space in a landfill. Instead, you can recycle steel in the form of Rebar, which will make sure the steel is used in your pool in a sustainable way.

Choosing to purchase the rebar from a steel recycling facility will make things easier for you, and you can do your part for the environment as well.

Variable Speed Pumps

Because variable speed pumps offer speeds ranging from ½ hrs power to 3 hrs power, they allow us to calibrate the exact water flow needed to clean and sanitize pools at the most effective rates.

They also allow consumers to run their equipment at high speeds to clean, and at very low speeds to circulate and sanitize. We encourage the use of these pumps, including the unique hydraulics that makes owning a pool inexpensive and enjoyable.

Sophisticated Hydraulic Plumbing Design

In past years, pool owners were used to spending from $45 to $65 per month to run their pool. Including a variable speed pump and exacting hydraulic plumbing, design can take the monthly cost down to less than $20 per month.

This saves energy and sanitizes more effectively.

LED Lighting

Jandy Pro Series WaterColors LED color pool and spa lights bring a palette of colors to your backyard paradise for a truly unique atmosphere. Operating with less than 50 watts of power, LED lights will reduce energy expenses by up to 90%, while providing more than 50,000 hours of lighting. Whether swimming or just lighting up the night, you’ll enjoy an endless display of brilliant, beautiful color.

Permeable Pavers

As we develop your perfect backyard, challenges may arise regarding drainage and retention of water. Permeable pavers reduce rainwater runoff of a rainstorm by as much as 100%.

Whereas many decking products are replaced every 10 -15 years, permeable pavers have a 50-year lifecycle that outperforms many decking materials in harsh climates or freeze-thaw cycles. It also replaces detention/retention ponds.

TURBO CLEAN In-Floor Cleaning Systems

这些系统允许pool owners to greatly reduce chemical consumption because you are sanitizing your pool from the bottom up, and can also save on heating bills. The sun does not immediately remove the chemicals from the surface like other cleaning systems do.

To discover more about creating an environmentally friendly pool, simplyget in touchwith our helpful team today.

Client Experiences

"Master Pools did a great job on my pool. There were great to deal with from the beginning. Very responsive and great communicators. We are delighted with our pool. Would recommend them to anyone."

Lee Toowey



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